The Pulsar for 2015-2018 JK Wrangler vehicles is an extremely innovative product that not only delivers power and features but also addresses a key barrier for numerous JK Wrangler owners; the PCM swap process. Pulsar requires no PCM swap and delivers instant power, controlled on the fly using your cruise control buttons. Prior to Pulsar, consumers needed to mail in their PCM to swap with an unlocked unit to flash tune their Jeep. While the DiabloSport process for PCM unlocks is the most seamless on the market today, we've listened to our consumers and understand that not everyone is willing to mail in their vehicle's computer. Enter Pulsar for the 2015-2018 JK Wrangler (along with 20 extra HP that will feel like a boatload more as you drive!)

Economy – 10 HP/10 LB-FT TQ – This level is designed with a less sensitive throttle response setting that allows for better fuel economy potential.

Tow – 10 HP/10 LB-FT TQ – This level features increased throttle response and fueling designed to help with towing.

Performance – 20 HP/20 LB-FT TQ – This level features aggressive throttle response and fueling adjustments designed to dramatically improve drivability.

2015-2018 JK Pulsar

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