Stage 1 

    54% more horsepower; 195 WHP stock to 302 WHP supercharged
•  28% more torque; 239 lb/ft stock to 307 lb/ft supercharged)


• **Stage 2 New rotor technology for substantially improved performance and efficiency.

• 25% increase in boost over our standard blower.

• 10 - 20% improvement in HP over our standard blower.

• 5 - 15% improvement in torque over our standard blower.

• Same bolt pattern and dimensions as our standard blowers for an easy upgrade path.

• Available as a complete system or an upgrade package.**
• Increases torque available at low RPM, allowing the use of taller gears for crawling
and highway use
• 12mo/12,000mi limited warranty
*Performance results may vary based on vehicle condition, modifications, etc.

• Engineered and tested to OEM specifications
• Uses stock air filter housing
• Completely reversible
• High quality materials and finishes

• High-strength polymer construction for lower temps, greater efficiency and maximum power
• S5-335 ultra-efficient twin screw compressor for more power at lower RPM
• High-efficiency water to air intercooler incorporating Laminova® heat exchangers

• Completely bolt-on
• Self-contained oiling – no need for external oil lines
• Fully integrated supercharger system
• Estimated installation time of 6-8 hours

• 2015 and up Jeeps require a modified PCM before tuning can take place. We have several options available for this, please contact us to discuss which option would be best for you.

Jeep JK 2012-2018