With our TCM tune those pesky shifts points after steep gears, large tires and/or combined with a Supercharger are a thing of the past. We remap the complete TCM calibration to ensure proper shifting for your setup throughout the entire RPM range.
Please select the proper info from the dropbox menus so that we have correct info to build your TCM tune.
All TCM Bench Tunes include FREE 2 day return shipping via UPS to the continental US, if you are located outside the US please contact us prior to ordering to arrange shipping.
**After ordering you will receive an email with shipping instructions.

TCM Bench Tune (Mail In)

  • We DO NOT accept returns on TCM Bench Tunes however we do offer 2 reflashes to the original vehicle/owner and mods i.e. if the TCM was tuned for 4.88s and N/A we will not retune it for 5.13s and boost.